Mohammad Nasiruddin

Mohammad Nasiruddin

Research & development

Computer Science, Image and Interaction Laboratory

La Rochelle, France


+33 (0)6 95 41 99 95


I am from Bangladesh, a small country in South Asia. I was born and raised in Narayanganj, a city in central Bangladesh, around 15 kilometers away from the capital city Dhaka.

Currently, I am a research scholar at the Laboratoire Informatique, Image et Interaction (L3i) in La Rochelle, France. My main research focus is pattern recognition and machine learning for document analysis and understanding. I work with different heterogeneous and multimodal documents, like text documents and documents with images.

I received my Master of Science degree from the University of Asia Pacific in computer science and engineering. During my master thesis, I worked on a small project of Bengali speech recognition (my mother tongue and also widely known as Bangla) under the supervision of Prof. Mohammad Nurul Huda.

Previously, I worked as a research assistant at the Grenoble computer science laboratory (LIG), where I worked on different projects related to an under-resourced language (i.e., Bengali), lexical disambiguation, and statistical machine translation.

Along with my professional work, I devote my learning in astrophysics and mathematics.


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